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Euro-Tech has been servicing Jaguars since 1996.

If all scheduled services are properly maintained at the specified mileage and time intervals, your Jaguar will operate at optimum efficiency.

A car can not be diagnosed or repaired over the phone.

We use our 35 years of experience and do our best to

advise you in advance of what repair and cost will be

before you bring your car to us. However, a proper

diagnoses of a problem, and providing an accurate
quote can not be done until we can inspect your vehicle.

With every oil change our certified technicians do a quality inspection to inform you of any potential upcoming service that you may need.

Euro-Tech recommends regular maintenance and oil changes every 3,000 miles. Manufacturers know that a properly maintained car will be more dependable, safer, last longer, and increase your satisfaction with their product. Car makers and owners also have a responsibility to make sure emission controls receive regular service and are functioning properly. Regular maintenance helps accomplish these goals by keeping your engine running efficiently and eliminating potential problems that may leave you stranded.

We are your full-service mechanic


Brakes: Complete brake systems available from pads to sensors to rotors. Jaguar recommends changing brake fluid every 2 years. Brake fluids have a tendency to absorb moisture out of the air and therefore may become saturated with water. The excessive build up of this moisture will actually create damage to your brake components. The moisture build up becomes even more important with anti lock brakes.


Check Engine Light: Euro-Tech has diagnostic equipment dedicated to Jaguar testing and repairing all compter functions associated with warning lights that appear on the dashboard..


Coolant Flush Facts: Jaguar recommends that your coolant be changed every 2 years. Your coolant is extremely important to maintain consistent engine temperature. The coolant fluids function is 2 fold; it provides antifreeze protection and also maintains the boiling point and reduction of corrosives in the engine

Why pay the high cost of dealership repair? We are certified for all your Jaguar automotive needs.

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